Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy followers from you?

No. We do not sell you followers. We offer you a service which allows you to gain REAL followers over a period of time. When you buy followers, you may find that they are not real and will eventually lose them.

We pride ourselves in authenticity.

How does this work?

No matter which plan you purchase, you will certainly see a difference in your followings and interactions. When you checkout, let us know the requested information and if you have preferences on hashtags or locations that you wish us to follow and like from, let us know! This is a service designed to your needs.

Typically you will notice new followers/likes within hours of the system starting.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Our system is fine-tuned to deliver the best results and our staff are always here to help. We ask that you change your account password before providing this to us, to ensure peace of mind whilst using IgersPro. We don't like getting too personal with your login information!